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How Your Health Care Can Help With the Coronavirus

Currently there are some great benefits to use with your Private Medical Insurance Cover.

With the Coronavirus on everyone's minds right now you may be wondering how can my health care help me?

Testing for Coronavirus is not currently available and health insurance in the UK does not cover urgent or emergency treatment but there are still some very beneficial options to help you.

Please note every policy is different and each provider has their own rule set which is something we can help with at request if the Coronavirus cover is something you want clarifying but here are a few benefits that some providers are offering.

  • Some will offer cashback if you are hospitalized and being treated for the condition.

  • If a secondary condition is developed relating to the Coronavirus, You will be covered for all treatment needed as long as it is eligible. Please refer to the terms and conditions of your specific plan for what is considered eligible treatment.

  • There are Digital GP and mental health welfare services are available with some plans which allow you to see a GP or receive counselling via an app which will help if you are self isolating.

  • Current cost initiatives under consideration by providers include payment holidays, suspension of premiums, cash back or credit notes and 1-2-month free cover options. These are currently being brainstormed and we can go to your provider and help make a case for you.

As Coronavirus was almost unheard of 3 months ago things will be continuously changed and refreshed in the Insurance Industry so please get in touch with us if you need more information or are interested in Private Medical Insurance.

Stay Safe!

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